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Developer Specific

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Third Party AddOns

LizardFS in Grafana

This plugin/script for Telegraf will collect the metrics from LizardFS and stores it into InfluxDB, then you can view your metrics in Grafana on a templated dashboard.


The puppet-lizardfs module lets you use Puppet to install and configure LizardFS automatically.

You can configure with puppet-lizardfs:

  • The LizardFS master (ready for High-availability with tools like keepalived or Pacemaker. Check out the explanation below)
  • The LizardFS chunkserver
  • The LizardFS metalogger
  • The LizardFS client and mount points

Author: Asher256

Github repository:

Puppet Forge page:

lizardfs ansible playbook

Ansible playbook for automated installation of LizardFS Master, Shadowmaster, multiple Chunkservers, Metalogger and CGIserv.

Author: stenub

Github repository:

lizardfs docker plugin

A Docker volume driver plugin for mounting a LizardFS filesystem. Allows you to transparently provide storage for your Docker containers using LizardFS. This plugin can be used in combination with our LizardFS Docker Image to create a fully containerized, clustered storage solution for Docker Swarm.

Author: zicklag

Github repository:

Packages from the community

Debian / Ubuntu
LizardFS is part of Debian. The Debian packages have a bit of a different directory layout than the upstream ones and are not being compiled with the Intel Storage Acceleration Library
There are now official packages in Fedora. The official packages are not being compiled with the Intel Storage Acceleration Library