Versioning and Release Engineering


LizardFS uses the following versioning:


for releases



for release candidates

where X gives the main release number, the YY digits give the sub release number and Z gives the micro release version.

  • X can be any natural number.
  • Y is an even number for stable releases and an odd number for unstable tags.
  • Z gives the sub fix tag micro release and can be any natural number or the string “rc” which indicates a “release candidate”

Master branch

The Master branch is always in change and represents the actual state of development. It is being daily checked for completeness, and has to pass smoke, build and load testing in our lab environment.

Unstable tags

In parallel with creating a new release candidate we are tagging the current master state as the current “unstable”.


Milestones are defined in the github milestones page which can be found at the following address: The RE team decides in monthly meetings if the current milestone state represent a release candidate definition. Once this is agreed upon, feature freeze is decided and a branch created for the decided upon stable release development, named X.Y.. Within there the current state is tagged as X.Y-rc. Once the release candidate reaches a define stable state, X.Y.0 is tagged and packages are being build for the public to use.

Releases and stable branches

Release branches are created as -rc micro release for development. A -rc micro release is deemed as the “in preparation release candidate” micro release of a stable branch. X.Y is defined as the first stable release of a branch and is than released to packaging and publishing to the respective repositories or release to the respective distribution maintainer.


To allow for fixes to major bugs we added the micro release tag to the stable branches. A micro release will contain no new features, no additional functionality but just fixes to major bugs.

Release Engineering

Releases / stable branches have to pass the full sequence of short and long testing in our lab plus go through some real life production runs at our corporate sponsors. LTS releases get additional testing from partners running larger LizardFS installation base. Once a release is marked stable, every micro release of it has to pass the same testing cycle the stable release had to pass.

Release Cycles

Stable Releases: 6 months

For commercial customers Long Term Support releases are available from Sky Technologies Sp. z o.o.